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The Problem

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And yet, great careers are built. How do they come out on top?

When you’re building something bigger than you, that’s when the growing pains kick in. You feel like you’ve hit a wall—hard. You’re stumped. Every hurdle you’ve crossed before seems like pure luck, and every obstacle in front of you is plastered with Stop Signs. What’s keeping you from getting back up?

symptom 1

You can’t find professional shoots.

Where do you even find professional shoots? You have invested in classes; you have constantly looked for job postings to build on your work; you have filmed your own ideas, populated social media platforms with clips of your work, and networked at every opportunity… You’ve done everything to put yourself out there, but it’s just not working. So why haven’t any opportunities found you?

symptom 2

You can’t get people to give you a shot.

You’ve tried to show you’re ready for the bigger, better projects, but that’s proven to be easier said than done. Other actors and filmmakers are finding work that you can’t. But you feel paralyzed with where to even start. So won’t people ?

symptom 3

You don’t know how to talk to professionals.

You feel that professionals are out-of-reach. You don’t know quite what to say, how to call people, when to call people, and how to make a good impression. How do you break in and stand out if you’re shy? How do you talk to people on set so they like and trust you and want to hire you again?

symptom 4

Your 9-5 leaves no time to pursue your real passion.

You have to maintain a 9-5 job that does nothing for your future or your happiness. The excitement and growth you’ve sought in an exciting career just isn’t coming to fruition. You must work to pay the bills and you don’t know what will happen if you stop working in your survival-job. How do you get out of this cycle of despair?

Symptom 5

You’re unsure of everything.

You’re tired of not knowing what to say, how to represent yourself, what you should put down on your resume, whether you should make yourself look more experienced than you are, or only show paid production work… and what to even do with that resume. You’re just tired of feeling like you’re kissing ass all the time and you just want to work with good people and make a living working on films! And time is ticking!


I’ve been exactly where you are.

Every roadblock under the sun — you name it — I’ve ran into it. I’ve been getting hung up on, told to never call again, getting snubbed at events, getting my hopes up and 6 months pass and nothing major happens… and they hurt. But throughout all of these challenges, there’s one thing I’ve learned that can prevent all of it from happening to you. One secret to growing your base, your experience and connections, with as few bumps as possible. It’s the one thing I credit my success to, and I’m eager to share it with you.

  • 20+ years in commercial film business
  • Worked for the biggest names like MTV, Nike, and Disney
  • Traveled around the world and won an Emmy for National Geographic

Get inside, build your career.

Get inside and work in film, instead of 9-5. You’ll meet the exact people who will hire you for the next 20 years! Become someone who WORKS in film (instead of the millions who dream about it). Build your experience on major TV shows, feature films, and commercials and get connected as you get PAID.

Imagine living the film lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Getting called for the next Netflix blockbuster. Not dreading Mondays. Not worrying about expenses or pinching pennies. Where your confidence may have been lacking before, it’s now sky-high. Dream jobs like Netflix, MTV, or even Marvel Films don’t seem so out of reach. You’ve got a career you can’t believe is your life in 1 year. All of this is possible with a professional base of experience and connections, a process to confidently expand your contacts, and continuously attract a steady flow of shoots that lead you into the kind of work you want to do.


Create a Solid Base.

What you put out into the world comes back to you. Every email you send, every text you respond to, every conversation on set, how you talk about your work — they all need to be pristine in order to attract consistent work. It’s all based on impressions. Once you’ve created a solid base of experience and connections through film shoots, you’ll see a steady, consistent flow of people checking your availability for shoots — and get this — you can be choosy.


Capture all the opportunities.

There’s nothing more soul-crushing than submitting to a job you really want, only to watch the opportunity completely slip away. You want to make sure you come across just right and give them exactly what they want to see… so the next time MTV has a job, you get the call.


Build a body of work.

Your body of work is not just examples of your work, but more importantly, WHO you’ve worked with. Once you’ve worked with people everyone knows, everyone else will trust you. If you’re not memorable, it’ll be very hard to resuscitate because people will think there’s a reason you’re not being called. Building a body of work while working with well-known people attracts better and higher-paid projects.


Do great work

Major TV shows and feature films expect great work. Great work is not knowing how to do your job. It’s the perception that you are excellent at your job. Your ability to create solutions to problems on set, never letting them see you sweat, learning to speak in “set-speech”, all impact the relationships from the start of the projects to the end. Make sure you have the understanding of the impact of your job to the set process so you come across as doing great work.


Borrow our experience

Receive over two decades of experience in ten months of training.

You can navigate this roadblock on your own, but our experience is here and available for you. I want you to learn from my mistakes and misses so you can do what most people do for ten years in 10 months. I’ll help you through every questionable situation, showing you every red flag, keeping you safe throughout this entire program as you create your career with us.

Film schools or other entrepreneurial programs out there teach general theories by those not working much in the business. Myself and our people are actually working in the business, day in and day out, on sets every week. We can refer you, and point you in the right direction. We’ve been to where you want to go.


What you will learn

Mastering your “get it” factor

Understand how the business works so you can talk to professionals and come across well with unshakeable confidence.


Learn your craft from Pros

Get a high-quality education while you get paid. Position yourself as up-and-coming as you work in production, casting… all the crafts!

Communication skills

Speak the film-set lingo with production and crew to negotiate, delegate, and always be on the same page.

Career-forwarding connections

Use every shoot as an entryway to new shoots, you’ll steadily move into the work that interests you.

Get the arsenal professionals use

Build your credits, create a great resume and website, so you get seen and contacted for projects that are consistent with your brand.

Price your work right

Finally know what to charge for non-union and union shoots. Learn how to handle freelance inquiries, bookings, and overlaps.

Closing & onboarding

Become known for what you want to do: Use the shoots you’ve worked on to make production feel comfortable and excited to work with you.

Build your dream career

Develop your brand so you become first or second call for producers and directors.


Trusted by 150+ industry creatives

From feeling stuck, to the continuous pursuit of what’s possible.

Our A-list community consist of engineers, single-moms, waiters, pharmacists, real-estate agents, and people of all different kinds of backgrounds from around the world.

Honestly, I wasn’t even sure if I could get on a volunteer jobs when I started the program, but Friends In Film give me the strength and guidance I needed for every job opportunity I got. Fast-forward 2 years and I just came back from the Cannes Film Festival for the film I was a DP on. I’m also in the fashion world now, and have done camera work for Kenneth Cole and Prada.

Every time I go on set, I tell myself, “Yes, you can do this!”

DP. Winner at Cannes Film Festival

I used to be a cocktail waitress, now I work with all of the big players, like Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth. I was taken under the wing of one of the executive producers of It.

I’ve also gotten a full-time gig on Blacklist! And now have just produced my own short.


With this program, I’m most excited about the relationships I’m forging with industry professionals that I NEVER would have made just by being an actor alone. I was expecting to PA for a local production company doing a local corporate shoot and wind up with the DP of EMPIRE hiring me. She gave me her card and said that if there was ever anything she could do for me, she’d do it in a heartbeat.


Before signing up to the A-list Work-Study Program, I did everything I felt I can do to get people to notice my work: I applied to postings, emailed my resume, called people cold… But it was going too slow and I wasn’t landing enough jobs to pay my bills. After implementing the A-list’s methods, I immediately was able to land a gig at Paramount studios. Before COVID struck, I worked on two back-to-back feature films for two straight months. Two HUGE dreams came true – I appeared on an episode of Stranger Things and The Walking Dead.


The biggest thing for me is you’re not alone. You’re with peers and friends. You’re in a community of like-minded people with the same aspirations, challenges, and worries. That’s such a relief. I used to worry so much, and now I don’t feel that anymore. I learned to push myself in a way that’s not destructive. You will look and feel more professional, and that feel should not be underrestimated.

VFX Coordinator (UK/Germany)

I used to work for wholesale and was afraid to jump into the A-List Work-Study Program because I never thought I could get consistent work from the film industry.

BUT I knew my life would stay mundane and nothing extraordinary would happen towards my dreams if I stayed. So I signed up for A-list in January. That March, I was to quite my day-job when I was offered a 3-month gig as a PA on a TV show. Recently, I just wrapped my first feature film, Old Man and a Gun, with Robert Redford and Casey Affleck. My phone is now full of contacts and I’m booked back-to-back!

Production Coordinator

I’ve worked as a PROPS ASSISTANT for the well-known propmaster, Martin Lasowitz, who did School of Rock, Hitch, Birdman, and The Dictator. Recently, I’ve been bumped to Associate Producer!

Associate Producer

I’ve just finished a 30-day Miramax feature, on location in New York, working as a 2nd AD.

I used to be a pharmacist, and Friends In Film helped me transition into what I really love to do. No more florescent lights for me! I’ve just recently finished Dietland for AMC network, Villains, and The Hill.

2nd AD

Do not buy this program.

Invest in it: The concepts, strategies, and insight you will learn require you to show up and put in the work. It will take more than money to master them.

We can’t guarantee overnight success. What we can promise you is that your investment in A-list Work-Study will save you more time, money, and effort in the long run. The material we share in each module took us decades of bumpy roads, skinned elbows, and financial flops to learn. These experiences are priceless to have in your back-pocket.

This is a learn-by-doing, interactive program. Where you’re learning HOW to get on film sets, learning what to do… to get on even more sets. Where you’re navigating in the right direction for your career, all with me helping you every week and a huge mastermind of people from around the world all doing Friends in Film methods to work on TV shows, feature films, and commercials. Our mentors can refer you onto MTV, Netflix, BBC productions. Our graduates are real film professionals now, having broken in from A-list Work-Study. They know that if you go through this training, you’re good to work with, and are confident in referring you.

Learn your way at your pace, together.

The training is structured so you can get up in the morning, watch a training video, implement, and set yourself up with film shoots on the weekends.

We recognize that not everyone learns on the same schedule, or in the same way. While most people can pick things up over the course of eight weeks, others prefer to take more time to digest the material.

Once paid for, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the program materials and the A-list Work-Study Community on Facebook. When you need advice, coaching, or general questions, our mentors are always there
for you.

jam-packed modules
Hours of content
Days immersed in
the group

It’s time to get un-stuck

Finally start and grow the great career you’ve always wanted.

Business Bootcamp

Master the material on your own time, your way, and join the A-list Work-Study Community for life.

  • Self-paced modules
  • Live Weekly Q & A coaching calls with Janet
  • Live Acting Training Sessions (every 1-2 weeks)
  • Private Mastermind Group
  • Lectures, homework, role playing, and acting practice sessions
  • Networking opportunities to get on set with other A-listers

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Frequently asked questions

A-list Work-Study is an entirely self-paced professional growth program taught online, so you can be anywhere in the world. The film industry is pretty much the same worldwide. If you’re in the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany… this program is perfect for you.

With ten modules in total, you can go through the material at your own pace. New modules will unlock as you move through the program.

We’re confident in the growth A-list Work-Study can help you achieve, that’s why we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. If after watching one module you’re not convinced it’s right for you, just shoot us an email at info@friendsinfilm.com within a 14-day window. Show us your completed coursework and tell us why it’s not right for you, and we’ll process your refund. Your feedback and your success are of the utmost importance to us.

Zoom training calls happen once a week, are approximately 1.5 hours long. We also do Acting training calls several times per month, where our actors get to practice their acting skills! Each call is your opportunity to get your biggest questions answered, and real-world advice from Janet and peers. You won’t want to miss a single minute.

A-list Work-Study is not for everyone. But if you are struggling to make your film industry career happen, if you’ve been trying for years and are not working consistently on set for what you want to do, and you are finally ready to build the career you’ve always wanted, you’re in the right place.

A-list Work-Study is a self-paced program where you STUDY and then go work on actual film sets. You will be transitioning from your current job so the amount of time to commit each week is up to you. You can take as long or as little time as it feels right to you. New modules will unlock as you move through the material.

A-list Work-Study is not a band-aid. It’s a program that requires your time, effort, and energy to make your career happen. The problems you’re facing can be solved when you put in the work.

Your enrollment in A-list Work-Study Program will provide you modules that show you what to do, down to the precise details like how to find the shoots, how to get on the shoots to build experience, exactly what to on set, how to represent that experience, all the way to getting consistent work for the craft that you want to do. Acting, camera, writing, editing, sound, hair, make-up, VO, stunts, costume design, etc.