The A-list Work-Study Program

Closes February 21 at 3 pm Pacific.
Actors, Writers, Editors, Directors, and any of the “on set” crafts:

You can use the A-list Work-Study Program to escape the “ordinary world” and become the film professional you were meant to be.

The beauty is: You can learn your craft from professionals on set, as you get paid.

You don’t have to chase people, work for free forever, or take 10 years to move up the ladder.

Using our Career on FIRE Model, you can make professional work come to you!

I will teach you to be seen as up-and-coming in only 4 weeks, working REGULARLY on film shoots in 3 months, moving into your craft in 3-6 months.

Watch this video now to learn how the A-list Work-Study Program can get you the life you want.

How Does The Program Work for Me?

Phase one and two: (months 1-4) you’ll get your foot in the door doing PAID “Assistant” jobs. You’ll have professional experience and professional connections. Within the first 4 months, you should be able to quit your job and go full time into the film industry.

Phase three and four, (months 4-8) you’ll use your connections to break into your craft, acting, writing, cinematography, stunts, etc. I call it “breaking in from the inside” because you’re doing it the way it works in the film industry, all through connecting from working with people professionally.

You’ll stop feeling like an outsider and start doing the work you love with people who inspire you, starting immediately!

Join a Community of Professionals Who Work Consistently in Film

When you join A-list, you join a mastermind of people who are implementing the Career on FIRE Formula in their city.

You’ll join an instant network of professionals who are working with Netflix, MTV, NBC, BBC and are located in cities across the US as well as London, Toronto, Vancouver, and Sydney.

A-list Mentors Leaf, Erin, and Patrick
Goran paid off $60,000 in debt from the film work he got doing the A-list Program. Now, he is debt free and travels around the world as a camera operator.
How does A-list work in London? Clara is an actor and now works on feature films and TV shows in the UK.
Sometimes my people mentor me 🙂

Why Did I Create the A-list Work-Study Program?

Ten years ago, my father, who was a guidance counselor, asked me to help his students. I made a bunch of videos from the film sets I work on …about how to get started without going to film or acting school.

A-list has become an alternative way to break into the film industry where you get professional experience while you get paid on professional film shoots!

With my dear friend Judy Kerr (to my right), who inspired the making of this training.

What does this Program offer me?

10 modules that you follow and do in the real world.

It’s step-by-step, you’re implementing the Career on FIRE Formula every week, to get professional experience and professional work in your niche.

I am with you every step of the way. You’ll talk to me daily in the A-list Mastermind, an in person every week on our WEEKLY phone calls.

Plus, you’ll be invited to our A-list pool parties and meet other A-listers in the A-list get togethers that happen in cities around the world.

Download the A-list Work-Study information and curriculum guidebook HERE to learn about how this program will change your vision for your life.

$497 per month for 10 months
A-list Work-Study
Media Programs
Film School
4-year University

*After the 10 payments are completed you will retain access to the 10 training modules. The monthly Mentorship access to me will continue at $99/month. The $99/month continued mentorship is completely OPTIONAL.

Cost Comparison

$497 per month for 10 months. We will teach you how to pay it off every month so you will have NO DEBT at the end of it! The program essentially pays for itself.

GOLD Payment Plan

$497/month for 10 months, or -$600 OFF if paid in full!

If you would like an even higher level of access to me, select Platinum. We will be working together on a closer level. I will jump you ahead in the training to get you working in the business as fast as possible.

PLATINUM Payment Plan

$597/month for 10 months, or -$1000 OFF if paid in full!

14-Day Money Back

I believe wholeheartedly in the program. Which is why I give you a no-questions-asked 14 day money back guarantee.

If you don’t like the training for any reason, within the first 14 days, simply email me and I’ll refund your money. No biggie, it it’s not a fit for you, just email me and I’ll refund your money!

See Our People Doing It!

Before A-list Work-Study, Jesse worked in psychology. For years, he tried to break in but never landed more than a few student films. He almost had given up.

He implemented the A-list Methods and now is a Production Manager who recently worked on the feature film, Torrance, with Ben Affleck. He also worked on Ghostbusters.

Tamara is an actress who applied the Career on FIRE Formula to book acting work, land jobs in casting, and even work in wardrobe. (She never knew anything about wardrobe!)

Now, she is a wardrobe stylist making $550/day and a SAG actor earning as much as $2,400/day working for the networks!

Carlton implemented the Career on FIRE Formula and is now working on big feature films. He just finished Call of the Wild with Harrison Ford.

He’s also worked on Veep, American Horror Story, and Law and Order.